Some promotional  for a dog breed
Family Portrait 
Promotion pictures for "Die Grünen - Micheldorf"
"In Motion"
A picture of a person in motion? No problem...its more difficult to capture this little ball of trouble standing still. 
Nice Niece 
(c) Bettina Maria Huber 2015
"Loud and Quiet"

Which one is which one? 
Got it? 
Ok...keep on scrolling

(c) Bettina Maria Huber 2016
"In the woods - Session"
Can't sleep now? Don't neither

(c) Bettina Maria Huber 2015
"X-Mas Shooting 2015"
Lesson I've learned on Christmas 2015: "When someone asks you about your christmas spirit, don't point the liquor Cabinett"
(c) Bettina Maria Huber 2015
His girlfriend was groaning because there is no romantic picture of him which she can show to her friends. 
So we did some "romantic" pictures

.....and she loved it

(c) Bettina Maria Huber 2016

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